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Incident Management & Reporting:

▸ Respond to & report complex or large-scale safety and security incidents
▸ Investigate security incidents

Direct Supervision:

▸ Supervise & direct security guards
▸ Conduct team briefing & security guards

Execute Evacuation Plans & Exercises:

▸ Execute evacuation plans/exercises


In-Charge of CCTV Center/Central Alarm Monitoring Centre/Fire Command Centre:

▸ Conduct Security Audits & Risk Assessment
▸ Assess security risks & prepare mitigation measures
▸Plan, confirm and conduct security audits

Higher Supervision:

▸ Plan, assess & review team performance
▸ Train, assess subordinates and security personnel
▸ Develop individual training & competency roadmaps
▸Conduct After Action Reviews


General Screening:

▸ Screening people/staff/vehicle seeking entry
▸ Person and properties checks

Guarding & Patrolling:

▸ Guard properties, preventing thefts
▸ Clock routes
▸ Check for leaks & signs of fire/smoke
▸ Check and prevent entry of unauthorized people/staff
▸ Check that security system/equipment are working and not tampered with
▸ Check that exits are clear and secured and doors/windows secured
▸ Turn off unnecessary light/taps
▸ Note and report irregularities
▸ Check perimeter fences/walls for wear & tear or forced entry
▸ Manage vehicle parking allocation
▸ Check lighting is in working order
▸ Ensure loading bay doors & good lifts are secured when not in use

Access & Egress Control:

▸ Control entry & exit
▸ Conduct identity check and pass exchange
▸ Authorize access to staff and visitors
▸ Operate gates, door or barriers
▸ Supervise car parks and loading/unloading areas
▸ Traffic control within client premise
▸ Maintain access control records
▸ Escort visitors

Basic Incident Response:

▸ Respond to & report alarms
▸ Respond to & report to fire related incidents
▸ Respond to & report crimes or public order incidents
▸ Respond to & report suspicious persons, belongings, vehicles
▸ Respond to & report medical emergencies
▸ Respond to & report bomb or terrorist threats
▸ Respond to & report lift breakdown, power failure
▸ Respond to & report burst water pipe/leaking or ruptured sprinklers


Incident Response:

▸ Respond to & report complex or large-scale safety and security incidents
▸ Assist in evacuation

Manage Security & Safety Systems:

▸ Manage Central Alarm Monitoring System
▸ Manage fire control system
▸ Manage lift control system
▸ Manage carpark system

Regulating Traffic (Road Traffic Act):

▸ Regulated traffic under Sec142B (RTA)

CCTV/Central Alarm Monitoring/ Fire Command Centre Monitoring:

▸ Monitor CCTV & Centralized Alarm monitoring
▸ Maintain CCTV storage libraries
▸ Preserve evidence

Assist State/Auxiliary Police in law enforcement:

▸ Assist Police in policing & enforcement
▸ Assist agencies in enforcement
▸ Issue summons

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