With over 30 years of expertise in the security services domain, we are an established and renowned security service company in Singapore. We offer immaculate services to our clients looking to enhance their security services or seeking the help of professional security consultancy for their business or events.


At UFS, it is our mission to become the leading provider of security service solutions and ensure that we are the best security agency in Singapore. We are always working diligently towards our goals in fulfilling our client’s interests to become an organization that others strive to emulate.

We aim to achieve our desired outcomes by providing excellent, uncompromising, and efficient security services of impeccable standards to our clients. We are incessantly working towards improving the security services that we offer to our clients. Moreover, we strongly believe in investing in our employees and security guards, who are our greatest assets and for that we train them rigorously and nurture the development of each individual.




At UFS, as a security service agency we are driven by a set of core values which we have imbibed deep inside our soul and we are confident in achieving our objectives to become a distinguished security company in Singapore by taking these values in perspective.

  • UNITY- we are a united family, we work as a team, we rise as one

  • NEUTRALITY- we believe in fairness and equality

  • INTEGRITY- we are accountable for ourselves

  • FORTITUDE- we are strong-minded and tough in spirit

  • OPTIMISM- we are always hopeful and confident

  • RELIABILITY- we are trustworthy

  • COMMITMENT- we are dedicated and engaged to our obligations

  • EXCELLENCE – we perform to excel


Our association with Uniforce Securities has compelled us to compliment their amazing team efforts, especially the impeccable standards & qualities. At every stage of our contract, UFS officers have shown the finest responsibility towards their service and duty. I genuinely compliment the team of UFS for their hard work and excellent supervision.
A big thank you to the team of Uniforce Security Services for their superb effort and hard work.

Tony, DHL
The management wishes to commend the onsite Uniforce Security team serving REC. UFS has been consistently meeting our expectations throughout our contract. We appreciate the tireless efforts of Uniforce’s Agents and Officers in assisting us during the US Audit.
Do keep up the positive attitude towards providing excellent services. We are looking forward to a fruitful partnership with Uniforce Security.
Coordinator, Rec Solar

Our deepest appreciation for the job well done! The security officer deployed from UFS for the temperature taking at our office block has displayed professionalism and went all the way out to defuse the unpleasant situation and lessened our worries.
We appreciate the work UFS has offered to us.

Jason, DHL Supply Chain, 1-Greenwich drive


With over 30 years of experience as a security services company, we have had the opportunity to build a strong portfolio in the security services division. With our reliable and cost-effective services, we are listed among the revered security companies in Singapore.


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