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We offer an unparalleled security service at your doorsteps. As a renowned security company in Singapore, we work diligently towards our goals to fulfill our clients’ trust.

Security Services

As an exceptional Security Agency, we focus on offering our clients an unprecedented security solution to their business or event. Functioning across a wide spectrum, our expertise in Security services will help alleviate your security problems through viable solutions.



At Uniforce, we proudly employ a team of licensed, certified, and dedicated security guards who are trained qualified professionals with many years of experience in the security industry. The deployment of our officers and corporate security team is tailored towards to the requirement of our clients. The contract, service, and delivery plans, are intended to meet the requirement, expectations and operating environments of the client.

When our staff is on site, you can rest assure that your security needs are being met.


Whether your organization functions in a single or in a multi-story environment or operates facilities in locations scattered around the world, Uniforce can develop a comprehensive tailored suit of safety and security plans, filled with effective strategies and programs designed to protect every important element of your business: employees, customers, supply chain, the physical environment, and your products.

Uniforce as a supreme security consultancy firm can serve as your single source to meet your wide range of security risk management needs, and provide you access to our industry-leading experts to identify cost-saving opportunities for your organization.



Uniforce can provide any venue with a security solution for your company’s entertainment, sporting, or corporate event. Security services include crowd and parking control and access control for the perimeter and auditorium. We assign an executive familiar with the venue and the local law enforcement. Our security guards and agents are available 24-hours for cost-effective and proactive solutions to every security need.

Special Events often requires the deployment of large numbers of security guards or officers, experienced management, ample and competent supervision, and the utilization of smart technologies to deal with critical components for a successful closure. It could be possible with the Uniforce special events management team’s expertise, which operates nationwide and on a global level.

UFS professional security services in special outdoor/indoor events are unparalleled. As a security agency, we provide security for countless events. These included trade shows, conventions, concerts, car shows, political fundraisers, football games, etc.


With modern businesses, there are many sources of vital information that should be protected. It is often difficult to keep all the security measures up to date. Often it will happen that one part of the business will have to re-key information into another system. This is an incredible waste of time and illustrates the importance of good system integration.

There are many systems that are available for businesses that are low cost and extremely effective. These systems provide essential services for many businesses, which could work more effectively when coordinated across other systems.

Integrating these sources of information into the business can significantly enhance the level and richness of control. Integrating into the correct part of the business is important and often challenging.



Planning, designing and implementing highly customized executive protective services demands a nuanced approach which involves highly competent self-sufficient security agents that respects the goals, preferences, lifestyle and privacy of the executives and individuals accorded the protection.

Uniforce as a top security service agency helps clients develop and manage executive protection programs by embracing the best practices, research and methodologies employed at the highest levels.


Uniforce Securities, with our partners companies, have extended the premier services we offer in other domains, such as in the Communications and Protective Equipment Services.


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